Female Bible Heroes.

​1. Deborah: When Israel was in the middle of crisis, Deborah stepped in to play a pivotal leadership role. She served as a judge for the people and provided crucial guidance to another leader from Israel—Barak—to go into a battle that would free Israel from its oppressors. (Read Deborah’s story in Judges 4 -5 )

(Ruth at Boaz’s field) 

2. Ruth: Even though Ruth wasn’t an Israelite, she remained loyal to her Israelite mother-in-law, Naomi. She followed Naomi back to her homeland and married Boaz, the next-of-kin, to continue the family line, provide for Naomi and ultimately become an ancestor of Jesus. (Read Ruth’s story in

Ruth 1 -4 )

3. Hannah : Although Hannah went years without bearing a child, she continued to pray in faith for God to provide her with a child. Eventually, he did: Samuel. Hannah dedicated her son to the Lord, and he grew up to be a wise and respected judge for the nation of Israel. (Read Hannah’s story in 1 Samuel 1 )

4. Abigail: When Abigail’s husband refused to treat David and his men with hospitality, he put the lives of his whole household at risk. That’s when Abigail took charge, sending offerings of food and a message of peace. Ultimately, Abigail’s wisdom brought peace and saved the lives of those around her. (Read Abigail’s story in 1 Samuel 25 )

(Mary, mother of Jesus) 

5. Mary, the mother of Jesus : Mary was just a young girl when an angel appeared to her and told her she would bring the Messiah—Jesus—into the world. Yet she responded to this daunting task by praising God. Then she went about the task of raising him, even when it meant fleeing to Egypt to protect him. (Read her story in Luke 1:26-56 )

6. Anna : She appears in just a few verses of Scripture, but it’s a pivotal moment—when Jesus’s parents present him at the Temple. After Mary and Joseph arrive, they find Anna at her usual spot in the Temple, fasting and praying. When she meets them, she gives thanks to God for the child in their arms—because he will set Jerusalem free. (Read her story in Luke 2:36-38 )

7. Tabitha : Not only did Tabitha inspire others by serving the poor and widows around her, the story of Peter raising her from the dead inspired many to follow Jesus in the early days of the church. (Read her story in Acts 9:36-43 )


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